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Health Coaching

Introductory 10 week Health Coach Plan

Your plan includes:

  1. ‚Äč One 60-minute Introductory Coaching Consultation:Meet your personal coach via video link to privately discuss your history, current challenges and desired health goals and together design a safe, effective and realistic plan of action.  You will also set up your secure mobile app and establish your private link of communication with your coach for full, personalized support every step of the way.
  2. Nine additional weekly Remote Coaching Consultations: Check in with your personal coach via phone of video link every week to recognize your wins, troubleshoot your sticking points, adjust your strategy all while staying accountable to keep moving steadily towards your goal.
  3. Continuous, unlimited access to, and support from, your private coach: Stay in unlimited contact with your personal coach via your secure app.  Share selfies, photos of your meals, instant messages and log and transmit all of your relevant lifestyle data effortlessly and conveniently via the app.
  4. Training integration for Race Day!
Health coaching fully integrated with your Tough Cookie Fitness training program to optimize your health and fitness.
Complete Price: $250 (A $500 value - available only to Tough Cookie members)

Invest in your health in 2018!